Kahler Jazz Festival showcases jazz band students


A group of students from Lake Central’s Jazz I group practice before they perform. At the end of the festival, everyone who participated played for the “Student Mosh Pit.”

Joey Pavell, Author

On May 7, Kahler Middle School hosted its annual Jazz Festival. The festival featured jazz bands from all three middle schools and the high school.

“I love the Jazz Festival. We are celebrating jazz, and I have been in jazz for four years. It is really nice to get all of the middle schoolers involved,” Christian Ivezic (11) said.

The festival provided the opportunity for middle school band students to perform with the Jazz I and II high school students.

“It was really nice to get all of the eighth, seventh [and sixth] graders involved. I remember doing this when I was in middle school, so this festival is kind of giving jazz to them,” Ivezic said.

Throughout the night, students from all grades performed songs that showcased their talent in jazz. During the songs, a plethora of students had solos.

“I had one solo. Improvising is fun. It is difficult, but I enjoy doing it because I am able to express myself and put my own voice out there,” Ivezic said.

The show ended with a performance known as the “Student Mosh Pit,” where every student from grades 6-12 involved in the festival played at one time.