AP Senior Art Show commences


Spectators view the different types of art. Many Lake Central alumni were in attendance.

Jodie Hodges, Author

The AP Senior Art Show kicked off at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 18, in the library.

“I think the AP Art Show was amazing.  It was a great opportunity for our seniors who have been in the program for either one year or two years to share with everyone what incredible things they’ve done,” Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, said

Students added their own interests into all of their artwork.

“One of my students was fascinated by the period of art nouveau, so she incorporated that into all of her work.  Another person really loved pottery as well as biology, so she kind of incorporated cellular divisions and things on her pieces,” Mrs. Chris Colle, Art, said.

The show features work from 23 AP Art seniors.

“The kids really worked hard and it was exciting for them to meet people.  A lot of people asked them, ‘What does this mean?’ and when the kids explained they were amazed.  I think it was a great, great experience.  We’re leaving [the artwork] up [in the library] for a few days so that other people in the building can see it,” Mrs. Maureen Yaeger said.

The art show will continue in the library until Thursday, May 21.