Technical Difficulties


Aaron Cappello (10) sits for Evelyn Reder (11) so she can do his makeup. Cappello finished his makeup for his character Sebastian.

Vanessa Torres

The members of the musical met for an impromptu rehearsal on Monday after the snow days caused rehearsals to be rescheduled.

“I feel like [the snow days] threw us off because it was our tech week which means we had to get everything prepared and know what to do. It didn’t throw us off too much because we’re still in really great shape for the show,” Theodoros Karras (10) said.

Despite the stressful schedule of 5 to 10 p.m. every day of the week, the cast and crew can still have a good time.

“There are lot of cool people and you meet a lot of interesting people. [The musical] is pretty fun to work on,”  Max Galocy (9) said.

Some of the musical members enjoy preparing for the show and really play their part.

“I think [the musical] is really fun. I like the position I have. I’m on props. It’s the most fun [technical aspect because] I feel like I have the most freedom. [The musical] gives me an excuse to hang out with people. [Theatre’s] my passion, but I’m goofing off too,” Sophia Boeckstiegel (10) said.