Student Safety In The Dorm

Abigail Goss

Student life is for many people one of the most exciting and fun time of their life. They make new friends and create bonds and friendships that sometimes last for the rest of their lives, they learn the most, they are hit by real life’s challenges for the first time and they build their protection mechanism and learn how to cope with things they didn’t know life was all about, and the list could go on. They go through ups and downs and they have a lot to learn from each and every one of their experiences. And sometimes these experiences might also include something like a robbery or burglary inside their dorm room or being mugged in the street or during a music festival.

Safety Inside College Campuses

If you are thinking about the things that could possibly go wrong or seem dangerous inside a dorm room, you have probably never been in one. For starters, most doors remain open most of the time, allowing fellow companions to get in and interact to the rightful dwellers of the rooms. This could automatically lead to pickpocketing events, when someone you apparently trust gets in and out with some cash lying around a desk or your small iPod without even noticing. You could also have your room be forcefully broken into in the middle of the night or during the day when everyone is away for classes and campus activities. This is why you are going to need to make sure that your dorm room locks are well attended and preserved, and that your windows and the rest of the access ways are also carefully handled.

You should immediately report any issues you notice with the locks on your dorm room and have the supervisor fix them, or opt for a local locksmith in the area if your request simply isn’t getting through fast enough and you feel vulnerable inside the room. There are also many trustworthy you could make use of and all you need to do is do a quick search online and come across the best ones. If your budget is limited like the case of most students, you might want to use the pricing tag as a main search factor. But remember you might also come across con artists claiming to charge very little for fixing or installing new locks only to over-charge you a few times the agreed amount over the phone.

Keep Your Valuables Out Of Sight

If you are thinking about throwing a party or are having another type of a gathering inside your dorm room, keep your valuables out of reach and sight. Do not tempt the people who will come in with anything precious and do it even if the doors will remain open even f for a few short minutes. Lock the doors even if you will be gone for just a couple of minutes as well and don’t blindly trust everyone passing your door by. Your room is your apartment in a way, not a simple bedroom, so make sure you do not keep it wide open for everyone to freely walk right in.

Buy Locks

Buy a lock for your laptop and make sure even if someone with bad intentions does get in, they will have a harder time stealing it. Opt for portable locks fro your door as well; they can be attached to any type of a door lock and provide you with extra protection.