Q&A: Alyssa White (10)


Alyssa White (10) is preparing herself for three hour long basketball practice. She’s dreading all the homework she will have to face afterwards.

Grace Cistaro, Author

Q: How does this new schedule fit with your schedule for basketball?

A: With the Wednesday [traditional day], I have a ton of homework, and then we get out [of basketball practice] at 5 p.m., which sucks because then I end up working on homework really late.

Q: Does the new resource period help you finish most of your homework?

A: Yes [the resource period helps] especially with French and Chemistry.

Q: Do you see an improvement with your grades?

A: Yes! I have all A’s right now, and I hope the resource period with help keep this up.

Q: Do you think the resource period is going to help during finals?

A:  It will really help because you can see your teachers, and I’ll have extra time to study too.

Q: Are your days more stressful on Wednesdays?

A: No, they are actually easier for me because the day goes by quicker.

Q: About how long does it take you to complete your homework?

A: [It takes me] about 30 minutes to an hour[to complete my homework].  

Q: Do you manage your time better with this schedule?

A: Yes, because I have to finish my homework quicker.