Drawing the Bigger Picture


Katherine Johnson (10) and Olivia Peterson (10) add drawings to the mural. The AP US History class worked on their 1920s murals on Monday, March 20.

Michelle Testa, Author

On Monday, March 20, AP US History students spent the class period drawing a mural over the time period of the 1920s. The students created their own visual aide by depicting events, people and inventions that made this era important.

“We do the mural because we want to cover the 1920s in as short a period as possible, a whole decade, 10 years, and I found out from past experiences that by drawing the mural it provides a visual aide and the students can really visualize these events,” Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, said.

The students broke off into different teams to cover the decade. Each group worked on one of the ten years and depicted the events that made a specific year memorable. These topics ranged from women’s suffrage to prohibition to the Harlem Renaissance.

“Making the murals on the 1920s really helped us learn about the time period in an interesting way,” Caroline Puch (10) said.

The students worked tremendously hard on making sure all the major topics were covered. Many of the students showed interest in the engaging activity. Mr. Clark does many hands on activities like this in class throughout the course of the school year. These unique study tools help leave a more memorable impression; therefore, they are more likely to remember the information when it comes time for the AP test in May.

“It was really fun to get to work with the whole class on the project and see how everyone’s ideas came together in the end,” Puch said.