Easy as pi


Daena Schuh is the founder of Pi club. The club will meet every Wednesday starting October 18th.

Bianca Matchain

Some students look for ways to become involved in the community, Daena Schuh (11) found she could accomplish this by teaming up with fellow students.

“For Pi club, the members are making meals for students and families at LC who are going through tough times and just want a home cooked meal because they barely get to have it. We are also learning about food, chemistry [and] chemical processes going on in the food to tie STEM into the club,” Schuh said.

After Schuh discovered she could combine science and community service, all she needed was school approval.

“I had to get a sponsor and Mrs. [Chris] Mockovak, [Family and Consumer Sciences], was totally fine with it and we had to make sure she would be watching us while we are cooking because we need adult supervision. Mr. [Sean] Begley, [Head Principal], was fine with it and he thought it was a good idea so he said ‘go for it’,” Schuh said.

Schuh found a way to ensure every student can feel comfortable enough to sign up for a meal.

“We have a plan through [the] counsellors. If a kid doesn’t want other people to know who they are and what they are going through, we just give it to the counselor and the counselor would give it to the student. If they don’t really care we make a place to meet or we just drive it to their house,” Schuh said.

Schuh encourages students to sign up by creating an accepting environment within the club and counselors.

“I am excited [and] I just hope people would not be scared to sign up for us to make a meal for them. We have only had one person sign up so far, so I am trying to put it out there more. I think that it will be a fun experience for everyone,” Schuh said.