Singing into the Season


The audience applauds Mr. Nathaniel Jones, Music, and the rest of the choral department for putting on such a fantastic performance. The next choir concert will be held on Dec. 7 at 7 P.M in Lake Central’s auditorium.

Jessica Cook

On the night of Tuesday, Oct. 17 a variety of beautiful melodies were heard throughout Lake Central’s auditorium. The night started off with the vibration of handbells that quickly grasped the crowd. Soon after, the group Da Capo charmed the audience with romantic songs such as “Calendar Girl”, “My Love” and “Goodnight, Sweetheart”. After that, more choral groups like the Senior Treble Choir, the Trebleaires, varsity choir, the Counterpoints, Handbells II, the Junior Treble Choir and Concert Choir continued to amaze the crowd with their angelic voices and sounds.

“I enjoy singing because it makes it easy to express my emotions, and it’s a passion of mine. My favorite part about being in choir is the great bonding experience you get to share with a variety of different people,” Tatum Murawski (10).

While the Trebleaires were energetically performed “I Will Survive”, Katherine Morzy (11) shared a pretty unforgettable moment with her best friend Laila Wenrich (11).

“[Performing “I Will Survive”] felt pretty great. After my best friend’s solo I was so proud of her, and getting to dance with her was just really funny and amazing,” Katherine Morzy (11).

Many choral students enjoy participating in these concerts to showcase what they love. Luckily, because of choir, students get the opportunity to interact with a huge department of people who all share the same love and passion. From playing bells to dancing on stage with friends, choir gives students the chance to have fun sharing similar interests with others while doing something you’re passionate about. The choral department will be holding their holiday concert on Dec. 7.