Zoology field trip to Watson


Fufu the rat pokes out of her cage to say hello. She is one of the rats that lives in Mrs. Kovich’s fourth grade class.

Hannah Kosinski

On Thursday, April 12, Mrs. Lisa Moreno’s, Science, second hour Zoology class took a field trip to Watson Elementary School. They visited Mrs. Kovich’s fourth grade classroom. The class has two pet rats, Fifi and Fufu, who are part of a year-long science experiment.

Each student from LC got paired up with a child in Mrs. Kovich’s class. They worked on some worksheets about dissections together and learned a few things about rats and humans.

“The trip to Watson was eventful and enjoyable. We were paired up with a younger one and learned about the human body and what each organ does and also learned about the rats that they have in class,” Hanna Fionda (12) said.

For some of the high school students, this field trip was a throwback. All of the older students that went on the trip got to see how an elementary school is for the first time in a while.

“My experience at Watson was kind of special to me, considering that I went to elementary school there and I haven’t been there in almost 12 years, and it was really quite special seeing a couple of the teachers that I remember being there,” Konstantino Nicolaou (11) said.

Each group received a worksheet about organs, a paper human dissection and a paper rat dissection. One of the reasons for the field trip was for the Zoology students to teach the Watson students about the rats that they are doing an experiment with.

“My favorite part about working with the kids was seeing how excited they were to learn about science and learn more about their class pets,” Camille Matasovsky (12) said.

After completing the worksheets and dissections the students got to hold the class rats if they wanted to.

“I really did like the rats. I think that the experiment that they are doing on them is really cool and I would love to hear about the outcome. I was skeptical about holding one of the rats at first, but once my kid grabbed [the rat] and put it in my hand, it was just pretty easy,” Nicolaou said.