Attack, ace, assist


The girls congratulate each other for winning a point. The two teams were going neck and neck for that score.

Justyce Reed

On Tuesday night, Aug. 28, the varsity girls volleyball team played a home game against the Crown Point Bulldogs. Even though they lost all three of the matches, they kept their spirits high and are ready for their next game.

“They [the opposing team] worked a lot around our blocking, hitting where we weren’t and hitting down the line but that’s pretty much it,” Taylor Marten (12) said.

Throughout the game, the girls played their hardest and gave it their best. Every player contributed and had a special role to play during the game.

“I think we definitely need to work on our defense overall, blocking and digging to go against their big hitters. I think the next time around we will be a lot better at that,” Marten said. =

This is a team that works closely and although they lost, they still walked over to the net and congratulated other team on their victory.

“Our buzzword [for this season] is Ohana, which is Hawaiian for family because that’s what we see our program as and not just family as a group but a part of the whole LC family as we look to represent the school and also each other,” Coach Matt Clark said.

Their next game is Thursday, Aug. 30, at 5 p.m. against Portage.