Art Club Creates “Boo”tiful Halloween Art


Branae’ Collier (12) paints her pumpkin at the Art Club Halloween party. Collier decorated her pumpkin with Bubbles, the Powerpuff Girl character.

Samantha Gross and lakecentralnews

Last Wednesday, sophomore, junior and senior artists gathered in Mrs. Sandy Bushong’s art room for the first Art Club meeting of the year.

Students painted pumpkins in the spirit of Halloween, with designs ranging from Anime characters to classic jack-o-lantern faces to detailed portraits of Edward Scissorhands.

Students of all ages joined the club this year and all for various reasons.

“I joined art club, because my sister joined, and I’m in AP art,” Socheata Ing (11) said.

Other students had different motives for joining.

“I joined, because I wanted to learn new things, and I wanted to see if I liked it. It’s just fun,” Nicholas Mazon (10) said.

The students had snacks and soda, listened to music and created unique Halloween-themed pieces.

“My mom told me I had to join something this year, and I like art, so I joined this club,” Korrina McCall (10) said.

This school year, Art Club has plans to do a holiday-themed art project, go to Chicago to visit the Museum of Modern Art and do other fun activities.