Word of Life

Kassandra Lore and lakecentralnews

Every Wednesday, Word of Life gets together to have worship and talk about God.

The group meets in Dr. Dustin Verpooten’s, Science, room after school around 2:15; Verpooten and Mrs. Angela Corrie are in charge of the club.

“When everyone first comes in, we talk for a while and have food and drinks; it’s a good time and people get the chance to bond. Then we have worship, we perform two songs and the words are on the board for people to sing along. Then one of the leaders will come up with a conversational message. We open and close with a prayer. After that, we just talk and diffuse from there,” Eric Stromberg (12) said.

Anybody can join at any time, and there is a page on Facebook to help get anyone interested connected with the group.

Upcoming events, along with bible verses, are posted on the Facebook page daily.

“We worked together to create our saying and help reach out to people. We just want to be there for anyone in need,” Stromberg (12) said.