ITS Important Information


Kody Brewerton (12) passes out meeting agendas at the ITS February meeting. Brewerton held the Treasurer position in ITS.

Jen Rey and lakecentralnews

At their February meeting, the International Thespian Society discussed upcoming elections, the point system and Internationals.

In order to partake in the election there are several requirements a person must meet.

“You have to have been inducted for at least a year. You then have to fill out a questionnaire sheet and give speeches. The officers are voted on and announced at the banquet [in May],” Zachary Buntin (11) said.

In order to be inducted into ITS a student must have 10 points.

“Ten hours is equivalent to one point. You get different points for a role in a play, tech aspects and competitions,” Raeanne O’Day (11) said.

Another place a member could get points is from Internationals.

“Shows from State that place first through third can go to Internationals. It’s a whole week where you can go to workshops and shows,” Buntin said.

Interested students can attend a club meeting.

“The meetings are the first Tuesday of every month, and anyone can go,” O’Day said.