A Crazy Carnival Prom


Jen Rey and lakecentralnews

On Saturday, 827 students attended a carnival-themed Prom at the Halls of St. George in Schererville. Students danced along with music from 219 Productions and snacked on everything from spanakopita to fried ravioli.

“Honestly, I liked [the theme]. The DJ was better, but I didn’t like that there were only two slow songs,” Christina Castillo (12) said.

This year, the prom planners, Junior Class Cabinet members and sponsors – Mrs. Sarah Verpooten, English and Ms. Carrie Wadycki, English – decided to go with a new DJ from 219 Productions.

“It was better than last year’s prom. The DJ played newer songs, but I thought [the hula-hoopers] were dumb, it disrupted the dancing,” Anthony Gayton (12) said.

To go along with the carnival theme, a hula-hooping group performed on stage and on the dance floor.

“I think [the theme] was different. It was a cool theme that was easily incorporated into Prom. The hula-hoopers were really different, they brought the theme to life,” Kelly Massei (11) said.