Faculty Participates in Wellness Walk

Over the month of April, some of the staff at LC participated in a Wellness Walk which was focused on getting faculty involved and invested in their own fitness and well-being.

“We did it for the whole month of April and there was nothing required other than to put on a pedometer and go about your daily life,” Dustin Verpooten, Science, said.

The Walk was designed so that everyone could participate; whether you ran five miles every day or solely walked to your car and back.

“I did over 250,000 steps. I actually found that in my daily life I do more steps than I thought. I do about eight thousand a day,” Verpooten said.

Overall, there were fifty participants, and, together, they walked 14,742,764 steps over the month of April.

“I think the Wellness Walk really inspired me to achieve higher with my own personal fitness and to get my family involved in their own health as well. I have young children and I want to give them a legacy of healthy habits and lifestyles that will help them in their future,” Verpooten said.