Two Minutes to E-Hall

Lauren Wadas and lakecentralnews

If one were to walk by lower E-Hall, he or she would typically see a mob of students trying to jam through two tiny doors; however, this is not the case anymore.

“We had to make a decision. Our hallways are not wide enough,” Principal Sean Begley said.

With the rising number of students in the high school, the congestion in lower E-Hall became unbearable. It was decided that every student in lower E-Hall, no matter what class he or she was going to next, would be released from class two minutes early.

“[Releasing early] really helps a lot. People don’t move in E-Hall,” Angelina Cicchirillo (12) said.

The students and staff have embraced the two minute early release.

“I think [the two minute release] is a good thing. The halls are so congested. Getting out two minutes early is great,” Mr. Wayne Svetanoff, English, said.

The changes from the extra two minutes are obvious. The once impassible intersection has become an easily navigated hallway.

“The whole purpose of releasing early is just for the safety of students,” Begley said.