“The Sparrow” prepares for takeoff


Emily, played by Anastasia Rauch (11), freezes time during a game of dodgeball. When the other students took aim for her, her first instinct was to use her powers to protect herself.

Cat Cearing, Author

Construction, costumes and choreography are all just part of a day’s work for members of the Lake Central Theater Company in preparation for the opening night of the fall show, “The Sparrow.”

“Rehearsals with such an artistic show really keep you on your toes. You really have to look at everything you’re doing in a different perspective. Our director [Ms. Nicole Raber] is so creative, but she’s always open to other people’s ideas,” Anastasia Rauch (11) said.

“The Sparrow” follows the story of Emily Book, played by Rauch, who returns to her hometown after a tragic accident that wiped out her second-grade class. As she learns to re-adjust to her small-town life, she is helped by her foster parents and teacher.

“[Emily] wants to fit in but she’s afraid and always holds back. [She] also carries a lot of weight from her past with her. She’s very guilty and anxious and always seems like she has something to hide. She has a hard time opening up to others,” Rauch said.

Because of the referendum construction, “The Sparrow” is being performed in the LGI Room instead of the auditorium. This has posed plenty of issues for both the cast and the crew.

“The biggest issue is the lack of equipment we have to work with. There are limited lighting and sound [tools] available for use, as well as the inability for us to really have much of a set due to the lack of room,” Lauren Granskog (11), assistant technical director, said.

Because of these setbacks, some of the more difficult technical aspects of the show have had to be bypassed. The members of the show, however, are still looking forward.

“There are a lot of really cool effects that we are missing out on due to the lack of equipment, but I know that we will be able to figure stuff out and still make it an amazing show,” Granskog said.

“The Sparrow” opens Friday, Oct. 25 at 7 p.m., and performances run through Sunday, Oct. 27.