International Club discusses Italy


Rachel Gross (12) helps Lauren Granskog (12) place food on her plate. Ciao Bella was served at the International Club meeting on Nov. 3.

Noelle McBride

On Nov. 3, the International Club held their monthly meeting to discuss the culture of a selected country. For this month, Elena Kostner (11) told the students what it is like to grow up in Italy and become a foreign exchange student. Ciao Bella catered the meeting.

“In International Club, we showcase different countries each month. We usually have a guest speaker, games and trivia about the certain country that we’re showcasing,” Sean Meyer (12), club president, said.

Meyer is co-president with Rachel Gross (12). The two seniors started the club together to show Lake Central’s diversity through the gathering of students, and so far the turnout has proven the club to be successful.

“I wanted to start an international club because I have a passion for traveling and learning about different cultures. I felt like our school needed a club that talked about diversity and how important it is, and it should be centered to our community and such,” Meyer said.

This month,Kostner answered questions about and showed pictures of what her life in Italy is like and how it compares to her life in America. Kostner is a foreign exchange student from a small village in Northern Italy.

“[The biggest difference is that] my home town has mountains and it’s a little village, here everything is big and fast,” Elena Kostner (11) said.