Limited Time



Frances Pollaro and lakecentralnews

 For most high school girls, the day of Winter Formal is about getting ready the entire day for a great night, but for the Centralettes, their day was far from the norm.  This was the third year that the Centralettes had a competition on the day of Winter Formal.

“[The day was] very stressful and rushed.  It was hard not having as much time to get ready as everyone else,” Kristina Dombovic (11) said.

The Centralettes had to focus on having a good performance at the competition, and then, worry about being on time for their hair, makeup appointments and for group pictures.

“I had to do my hair by myself because I was too worried about being late,” Julia Demma (10) said.

Going to Winter Formal with a competition on the same day was still worth it for the Centralettes.  The Girls still had a fun night despite the small amount of time to get ready. 

“I still got to spend the night with my friends and be with my Centralettes,” Katie Speckman (10) said.