Choral Classics


Trebleaires sings on the stage. The choir concert took place on March 7.

Kylie Thomsen, Author

On Tuesday, March 7, the choir had a concert. The concert featured many of the choirs like Concert Choir, Senior Treble, Varsity Choir, Junior Treble and groups like Counterpoints, Trebleaires and Da Capo.

“I would probably have to say my favorite part of the concert was Da Capo [or] Counterpoints doing ‘Jabberwocky,’” Montgomery Stockton-Fresso (10) said.

Some of the songs featured students playing the accompaniment. Josh DeJarlais (11) played the piano accompaniment on the song “Jazz Gloria”.

“It was a little stressful, but I enjoyed doing it. I’m accompanying another piece at the next concert,” DeJarlais said.

The choirs sang songs such as  “Tantum Ergo” and “Shenandoah”.

“My favorite song we sang was ‘Jabberwocky’. My favorite I wasn’t involved [in] was ‘Cantate Domino’ which the [Trebleaires] sang,” DeJarlais said.

Some students sang solos during songs.

“I was a bit nervous. You feel like you are going to forget [the] words or you are going to come in a little too early or mess up. Once you get up there you just let your heart out,” Jessica Flores (11) said.