Gina Szymborski (12), Safia Mohiuddin (11) and Jaskiran Kaur (12) talk before the meeting starts. WISE was created for girls to explore STEM fields.

Molly Fischer, Author

On Monday, Oct. 9, WISE met after school to hear Madelyn Ackerman (‘16) speak about her experience at Purdue University and her study abroad trip to South Korea.

“I was able to learn about Purdue and mechanical engineering from a former student and [Ackerman] was able to go to South Korea and learn there. I think that’s cool that you can travel outside the US to study,” Daena Schuh (11) said.

Ackerman offered advice to the girls at the meeting about the difficulty of college classes and encouraged members to study abroad. Ackerman is currently a sophomore at Purdue University.

“It was our first meeting of the year [and] there was a good turnout of girls. I think everyone is just really excited about learning about STEM fields from girls who are in college or women who are in their career in the real world,” Delaney McGrath (11) said.

As co-president of WISE, McGrath is responsible for contacting guest speakers to come speak at meetings that will encourage and educate members of the club.

“Mr. [Kendal] Smith, [Science], has a database of multiple girls who he thinks are good examples and who have done well in his class from Lake Central and he gave me their names,” McGrath said.