Students Upset With Lack of Parking Spots

Kassandra Lore and lakecentralnews

Due to construction in the back of the school, the parking lot has very few spots this school year.

Seniors had to enter a raffle to see if they could even purchase a parking pass, and juniors were not supposed to be issued any.

“They should give spots to students who are involved in sports and extracurriculars first, then students at the top of the class, then do a lottery for juniors and seniors. Parking spots should be for students who spend a lot of time at the school. That makes more sense than ruling people out completely,” Sydney Fara (12) said.

As a senior, students expect to receive more freedom and opportunities than previous years, automatically receiving a parking pass being one of those privileges.

“I feel like after spending so many years at LC and finally having the privilege of being able to drive, for LC to reject that privilege makes me feel like my school can’t even consistently provide for its students. They change everything too often and can’t even provide the Class of 2013 a spot in the lot,” Josh Chism (12) said.