Looking into T-Hall

Walking in the upper hallways of the Freshman Center, one can look out the big windows that decorate the walls and see beautiful…classrooms. That’s right, classrooms.

Because of the school’s current renovations, the modules of M-Hall were disassembled and three hallways worth of rooms were taken out.

To compensate for the loss, new rooms were temporarily built in the Freshman Center’s former commons areas.

“[The room] feels the same, but sometimes there is more noise than the regular ones. They do not look like they are going to be there long, like they can be gone the next day,” Ryan Bereda (9) said.

The problem is, of the seven rooms, two of them do not have ceilings, so anyone in the upper Freshman Center gets a glimpse of a classroom full of students.

“When you are walking by, you can look down and see [students] working, and if they are not, they look up at you. I think it is strange, and they make the hallways more crowded,” Michael Doss, Jr. (10) said.

The rooms are expected to be up for a good portion of the renovation, a job which is projected to be done by the end of 2015.