Taking the stage


Erica Habas(10) and Natalie Bivona(10) star in one of Advanced Theatre’s student directed shows. They perform the play While their teacher, Pamela Neth, grades them.

Cherylynn Gholson, Author

On Wednesday, Dec. 14, Erica Habas (10) performed in an Advanced Theatre student-run show. She played the new-age hippie and the normal girl in “The Absolute Most Cliched Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe” by  Werner Trieschmann directed by, student, Bianca Alessia (12).

“My character is this happy go lucky person who doesn’t care what people say. The normal girl is this normal girl who ends up being the playwright in the show,” Erica Habas (10) said.

Habas loves being involved in Advanced Theatre class and shows. Advanced Theatre is a class you can take after completing a full year of Theatre One.

“Advanced Theatre is where students, their sophomore to senior year, can take this class and have to perform plays and improv shows throughout the year,” Habas  said.

Advanced Theatre also gives students a chance to reach out and help better the community. The class love to come up with community services to go and spread the word about Theatre.

“Outside of school, Advanced Theater does community services. If someone posts in class that there is a 5k walk to do for a certain cause, then you can go walk it. Doing community service helps getting [Lake Central Theatre Company’s] name out there while also helping out the community,” said Habas(10)

Habas wants to continue Theatre outside of school. She aims to become a professional in the business.

“My goal is to go into the profession of theatre. I love acting. I used to do Munster shows and Shakespeare for about three years. I’d love to keep up theatre outside of school,” Habas (10) said.

Habas is excited to continue being involved in in Advanced Theatre and in shows for the rest of the year.