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Life’s a Highway

Hannah Giese and Hannah Giese

July 8, 2014

Summer is a time when students get a mental break from all of their crazy schoolwork. There are plenty of activities to do in the summer, including taking road trips. Some people may groan at the idea of being in a car for...

Ariel Lara (12) helps a customer during her shift. She previously wiped down the  tables in the dining area.

Working up a sweat

June 23, 2014

Starving to get in touch with nature

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

June 11, 2014

Exercise is a hard thing to wrap your head around sometimes. You can sit on your couch relaxing or you can be outside doing things. Who would want to be outside when they could be sitting in an air conditioned house? Hiking...

Dyer Festival here again

Erin Dosen and Erin Dosen

June 9, 2014

On June 5, the town of Dyer hosted its annual festival. The festival started on June 5 and ended on June 8th. Many younger kids, teenagers, and adults came together to enjoy thrilling rides, exciting games, great entertainment,...

Guffaw performs at Foodstock

Jenn Mohamed and Jenn Mohamed

May 29, 2014

On Friday, May 6. Guffaw, a band of Lake Central students, along with other various artists and bands from Crown Point, performed at Halls of Justice for the NWI Foodbank. The band consists of Jacob Wahlen (12), Theofanis Rauch...

#YesAllWomen, No to Misogyny

Cathryn Cearing and Cat Cearing

May 29, 2014

On Friday, May 23, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger went on a shooting rampage in Isla Vista, California, that resulted in six injuries and seven deaths. While investigating, police discovered a video Rogers posted to Youtube the day...

Hoosiers expand immunity law

Maddie Hirschfield and Maddie Hirschfield

April 4, 2014

A new bill has been proposed to Indiana state senators and representatives. This bill would expand the current Lifeline Law in Indiana, a law that pertains to all underage drinkers, including high school students. The current...

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